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Starlin’s Song


As our Chicago Cubs push forward in the MLB playoffs, one tune is receiving a lot of press. It’s Starlin Castro’s song. The Cubs play the song when our shortstop/second baseman comes up to bat at Wrigley Field. It’s infectious. When “Ando De La Versace” by Omega blasts over the loud speakers, it’s very cool. Because 40,000 fans, the bullpen, the dugout — everyone claps along. In fact, a Pirates catcher told Cubs reporter Carrie Muskrat it was tough to keep his mitt on during a Wrigley Field game, because he really wanted to clap along too!

A Cubs fan tweeted a link to the Wrigley Field scene during the song. But I can’t get it to post here. So instead, here’s a link to the full song, on Youtube.

I say we crank up “Ando De La Versace” tonight. What better way to get excited about the Cubs vs. Cardinals in Game 3 of the NLDS.