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Dog Days of July


Photos from Pinterest.

Celebrate the 4th of July with happy, happy dogs.

And keep your dogs and puppies safe — the Humane Society says there is a spike in lost pets around the holiday. This is because dogs are terrified of the sounds and smells of fireworks, so they try to escape. (My cat, who is an indoor-only cat, leaps in the air a few times. I pet her and calm her down. Still, she often decides to hide under the bed until the festivities are over).


The Humane Society recommends the following for the 4th of July holiday, to keep your pets safe and happy:

– Keep your pets indoors.

– Turn on a radio or TV to soften the sound of fireworks.

– If you must bring your pets to an outdoor picnic, keep them leashed and under your control at all times.

– If your pet is very frightened of fireworks, ask your vet for medications or calming techniques you can use.

– Have a collar, ID and microchip on your pet. Indoor dogs may try to break through screens or doors to escape the loud booms.

Conclusion: a calm, safe pet is a happy pet!  🙂

Enjoy the 4th!