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It’s Pi Day


Math is fun. Eating pie is fun. And today, every math major deserves a round baked crust stuffed with warm cherries — which is exactly what I am going to indulge in. Why? Because it’s March 14, better known as Pi Day. It’s the day we celebrate the beauty and value of 3.14159265358979323… — better known as π.

P I E looks like 3 1 4 backwards.
Pi comes from the Greek word for perimeter.
Pi is an irrational number with an infinite number of decimals, but is often abbreviated as 3.14

The circumference of a circle: C = 2 π r

The area of a circle: A = π r2

The area of a sphere: Area = 4 π r2

The perimeter-to-height ratio of the Great Pyramids = 2 π




The folks below make good use of π — and were all born on March 14:

– Astronaut Frank Boman (orbited the moon)

– NBA player Stephen Curry (bounces a basketball)

– Actor Chris Klein (starred in the movie “American Pie”)

– Composer Quincy Jones (produces record albums)

– Entrepreneur Jerry Greenfield (sells Ben & Jerry’s “Boston Cream Pie” ice cream)


And, of course:

– Scientist Albert Einstein (determined Gravity = 8 π G * (energy and momentum) )

Happy Birthday Einstein! Have a slice, on us!