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My Favorite Memes

Humor meets creativity. It starts with the click of a camera. A photographer captures a moment that is stunning or surprising. Or even surreal. The pictures are posted on the internet. Then the fun begins! Fueled by the power of their imagination and the magic of photoshop, folks create their own hilarious takeoffs. Here are some of the more clever memes I have seen lately:      Let’s start with the world of angels and fantasy… Ariana-VSAngel

ORIGINAL: Pop Singer Ariana Grande is smacked by angel wings at the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show.

Ariana-Jurassic Ariana-SantasLap

MEMES: Ariana cringes at the dinosaurs in Jurassic Park, and cries while on Santa’s Lap.

Then, let’s look at acrobatics…


ORIGINAL: Olympic gymnast McKayla Maroney frowns at the medal award ceremony (she won silver, not gold).

MEMES: McKayla is not at all impressed by the moon landing, or by TV’s the Brady Bunch.

Finally, let’s look at the wonder of football…


ORIGINAL: NFL player Odell Beckham Jr. makes a stunning one-handed catch during the Giants-Cowboys game.

Odell-Sistine Odell-LionKing

MEMES: Odell touches the hand at the Sistine Chapel, and truly amazes the Lion King.